Episode 3: Geek Portrayal in the Media

In this episode of our podcast, Alice Marie, Lois, Moxie, and Rick discuss geek & nerd portrayal in the media. They go into why The Big Bang Theory just doesn’t work, discuss what the good representations are, and go on possibly one of the funniest tangents in our recording history so far, with Misfits sex talk. Rated M (for Magical but also for our salty language). You can stream the episode in the player above, download it directly (right-click save), or subscribe to us via iTunes.

New to our podcast? Check out our previous episodes! In our first episode, we introduced ourselves and just had a free form conversation about our motivations for doing Geekquality in the first place. Episode 2 is a really great discussion of bad girls and female anti-heroes in mass media.

Now then, here’s a video of our two favorite geeks:

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3 Responses to Episode 3: Geek Portrayal in the Media

  1. cinnamonbunza says:

    There’s a gay nerd on Happy Endings!! I found one.

    One cop show I kept waiting to be brought up is Castle. It even has a Whedonite at its helm! Ha, helm. Like a ship… that would have a Captain. However, while some (idiots?) who can’t distinguish actor from character may disagree, Richard Castle is no Malcom Reynolds. Largely because Richard Castle is a nerd. He’s a big ol’ nerd and he’s the main character on this show. His daughter is a Type A student nerd. His mother is a theatre nerd. The show also has done a great job showcasing different niche subcultures from multiple perspectives. Castle and Beckett (another head/heart OTP if you’re into that) have delved into the worlds of Steampunk clubs, soap opera shipping, vigilante superhero crusaders, vampires fetishists, etc. Just recently they did a stylist Film Noir episode. It’s never just “look at these weirdos” because Castle is inevitably very excited by anything happening.

    • cinnamonbunza says:

      I can’t type! *stylized and *vampire (singular)

    • Tanya says:

      I love the fact that on “Castle”, even Ryan and Esposito get kinda little-boy excited about some things, even though they’re kind of more of an average cop dude. They don’t rag on others for liking certain niche things; in fact, they seem more curious about figuring out what the fuss is about. They have their own quirks. Beckett seems to be a little more hung up on keeping her hobbies under wraps, but I loved that scene where she was reading Castle’s new book in the bathroom so that he wouldn’t find out. And she has on occasion dropped knowledge about pop culture, comics, subcultures, etc. And yeah, Castle is a total enthusiastic geek about, well, everything. From film noirs (it wasn’t my favorite episode, but it was a little cute), to cosplayers, to comic books.

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