We have a podcast! Ep. 4 – The Whedonverse

The timing for uploading our last record podcast couldn’t be more perfect, as it’s just been confirmed that Joss Whedon is on board to write and direct The Avengers sequel.

In this episode of our podcast Elyse, Alice Marie, Lois and Moxie called each other up to talk about their many feelings about the Whedonverse. While, without a doubt, we all enjoy Joss Whedon’s output and are happy to have a fellow geek creating exciting content, certain problematic tendencies in his writing and direction were begging to be discussed. While not everything is covered, among the things discussed Moxie breaks it down on the erasure of bisexuality in Buffy,¬†Lois is through with Firefly because of the show’s treatment of Chinese culture, and Alice Marie has a lot of feelings (both good and bad) about Dollhouse and the show’s premise. And then there’s that one movie he just did. With all the butts. The episode then finishes off with a great (although not Whedon-related) tangent discussing Joan Watson and the upcoming series¬†Elementary. And there ya have it, folks. You should come to our panel at Geek Girl Con in Seattle, because it’ll be like our podcast, except with cleaner language and a lot more audience interaction.

As always, be forewarned of massive spoilers and salty language. You can stream the podcast in the little thingamabob below, find is in iTunes, or just download the file.

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2 Responses to We have a podcast! Ep. 4 – The Whedonverse

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  2. Joss says:

    Thanks for recording this podcast. This comes as perfect timing for me on a couple levels. Not only has Joss Whedon been confirmed as writer/director of The Avengers sequel as you mentioned, but I’m also re-watching Buffy. There’s so much that can be said about his work. You mentioned Warren being vilified on Buffy. Can we talk about Spike? I kind of liked Spike at first. I liked him with Buffy….until he tried to rape her. That event ruined Spike for me. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that episode/the later seasons, but the aftermath of that event really rubbed me the wrong way. No matter what Spike did or went through after that, I couldn’t like him the way I did before.

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