Like What You See? Write for Us!

Kat Farrell, Spider Jerusalem, and Lois Lane get the scoop

While we at Geekquality come from a variety of different backgrounds as women and geeks, we’re aware that we can’t possibly cover and address everyone’s unique experiences – to assume that we could would be ridiculous. This is where you come in!

Not only do we want to learn and better ourselves as feminist geeks, but Geekquality also benefits from having different voices chime in – your voices. We’d love to publish guest articles by contributors from all walks of life, male or female, cis or trans, and anywhere and everywhere on the Kinsey scale. We are looking for submissions that will reflect your unique point of view and experience with intersectionality in geek culture. From personal experience based essays, to specific media analysis, humorous to academic, we want to hear about how you navigate geek media, reconcile pop culture with your identity, and what the majority *really* needs to know. If you feel passionately about an aspect of geek culture, we’d love to have you join us for a podcast as well!

If you’re interested in writing for us or joining us as a guest speaker on a podcast, shoot us an email at with subject line “Guest Contributor Submission” with your proposal. If we feature your post, you will of course ‘ll get all the proper credit and a byline on the contributors page.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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10 Responses to Like What You See? Write for Us!

  1. Jeff says:

    Life-long geek — be it through comic books, videogames, sci-fi and fantasy, roleplaying or what not. I grew up a huge X-Men fan, before gravitating in later years to the works of people like Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams (Alias only) and others. I try to examine the stories that touch me in a broader sense; what they say about me as a (fairly liberal) person and about society as a whole. To me, such works can be more illuminating than works that are not steeped in the mystical or supernatural, because they’re not bound by the same rules. Examining that phenomenon can be fascinating.

    • Tanya says:

      We’re glad you found us, Jeff. There is a growing and great community of people interested in examining geek culture from various angles. Don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail if you have any guest post ideas.

  2. Denzel says:

    I consider myself to be a pretty sizable geek (both in mind and stature). I am a huge gamer (name any genre, and I could probably give you ten games that I love from each.) I am also a fan of anime (japanese animation) and manga. That being said, I also have my ear to the ground on politics. I don’t claim to be liberal, nor do I claim to be conservative because I side with whoever makes the most sense…even though lately it appears to be coming more from the liberal side of the aisle than the conservative. I would love to contribute in any way to this idea. While I’m not very experienced when it comes to gender roles and ideas in society, I have definitely not stood by and not noticed some of the things that have happened recently. (I have quite a bit to say about the latest contraception debate.) I consider myself “straight, but not narrow-minded”, so regardless of the topic, if there is injustice, I will definitely speak my mind. Get back to me if you can?

    • Tanya says:

      Hi Denzel! Thank you for checking out our project. We definitely could use more pieces on gaming, for sure, as well as other topics of interest. For now, the best way is for you to shoot us an e-mail with a specific idea or topic proposal, and we can take it from there.

  3. ceejeemcbeegee says:

    You know I’ve already sent in my submission!

  4. Miranda says:

    So just to make sure, if we want to send in a submission, we first send in a sort of general idea about what we would talk about, not the actual submission, yes?

    • Tanya says:

      Hi Miranda – Yes please! Maybe a paragraph pitch? Although, if you have something you’ve already written and it hasn’t been published anywhere else before, if it’s topical, we’d love to see it as well.

  5. Denzel Young says:

    I just finished my first email submission to you.

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