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Kat Farrell, Spider Jerusalem, and Lois Lane get the scoop

We’re interested in building our ranks of guest contributors. Are you well versed in a particular aspect of geek culture, be it video games, comics, a specific book genre, or even current events in science – you name it? Do you feel like you could offer a unique perspective and voice on being a geek, consuming our pop culture, and participating in fan communities, particularly focusing on diversity and representation? From opinion pieces on how you navigate geek media and reconcile pop culture with your identity, to specific analysis of current geek culture and events, humorous to academic, we’d love to hear from you. We also welcome submissions in the form of art and video, if that is up your alley. We take pieces from casual conversational tone to academic, as long as it’s accessible to most readers, more or less proofread, and complies with our commenting policy.

Please note: We are a completely volunteer run, fan based site with (currently) no revenue. For the time being, we simply are unable to offer compensation for blog posts. We understand that this might be a concern. However, if you have had an idea in your head for an article you’d like to share regardless and would like to reach a wider community with thought provoking content, then this might be the perfect thing for you.

To submit a specific pitch for an idea:

  1. E-mail¬†¬†with subject line “Guest Contributor Submission”.
  2. You must include a specific paragraph proposal for your article or media piece, as well as a little bit about yourself and your background. Bonus: link to other content you’ve created.

Once it’s reviewed, and if selected for featuring our site, you will receive formatting guidelines and a deadline via e-mail.

We may not be able to feature every single submission we receive, but if we run your post, you get full credit and will be added to our staff and contributors page with a biographical paragraph of your choosing. After the post has been on our site for a week, you can also repost it to any of your personal sites, with a link back to Geekquality.

To join the list of “on call” guest contributors:

Sometimes, we might have need for a piece on a current news topic or a particular niche subject. If you don’t currently have a pitch idea but would like to still be involved, we can add you to the list of future contributors to receive a call for a specific assignments.

Please e-mail with the subject line of “On Call Contributor List” and include a little bit about yourself and what your particular areas of knowledge and interest are. You will be added to the e-mail list for specific article requests from our editorial team.