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Since GeekGirlCon weekend we seem to have gained some new readers: welcome! We thought it would be good to share with you a list of some of our favorite posts that have appeared here on Geekquality, as well as highlight some of the features and interviews we’ve done. This wasn’t an easy list to put together because we love every single post we’ve run on our site. When I brought the idea to the team and asked them to list a couple of their favorite posts, Lois said, “This is the meanest thing you’ve ever done as Managing Editor.”

Essential Reading

The Interviews:

Because Everyone Loves Lists:

We also have several recurring features for you to keep an eye on. Every week, Jeff picks up a selection of No. 1 issues in comic books and on Thursdays we run his impressions of what he finds. For a bit of heavier (but oh so engaging) reading, Lois Payne takes a look at the revenge movie genre, as she considers what drives the characters and plot lines in these horror and suspense movies. And on Fridays, we round up links and news items that have us geeking out.

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