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There are a some ground rules that apply here, as far as commenting:

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  • Ad hominem attacks, insults, threats, or triggering comments are not allowed.¬†You can be sincere, sarcastic, concerned, funny, irreverent, whatever, but don’t make it mean and personal.
  • No dismissing comments saying that someone is whining, making things up, imagining an issue, or trying to serve an “agenda.” Present your point of view but don’t dismantle someone for having a differing one in the first place.
  • And similarly to the above – please don’t try to “outgeek” people. Especially when there’s more than one way to be a fan. We don’t go in for cred here.
  • We try to be sensitive and avoid ableist, racist, cissexist, classist (those are some examples) terms. We know not everyone might be aware. And sometimes even we may miss something. When we can, we might edit or remove comments that include such language.
  • Do not post personal identifying information in the comments.
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  • While we will do our best to ensure we keep things fair by following the policy above, we reserve the right to remove comments at our discretion.
  • At our discretion, comment threads may be closed, particularly on some posts 90 days or older.
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