What’s this all about?
Geekquality.com, the companion Tumblr, and the occasional podcast stand at the intersection of fandom and media criticism, with the goal of celebrating and encouraging diversity within the geek zeitgeist. The project was started in October 2011, at the inaugural GeekGirlCon where four of the six founding editors met for the first time. Geekquality is based on the belief that just because we adore our geek culture, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t analyze it and point out its flaws. Through the lenses of feminism, race, gender, sexuality, ability, and other unique perspectives, we look at our favorite media – film, television, books, video games, comics, and beyond – and discuss how it could be more inclusive and accessible.

Who writes the posts?
This is a volunteer run, co-operative sort of projects. Staffers and guest contributors express their own unique points of view and opinions, and sometimes we might not even agree on some things. We do not run sponsored posts authored by professional teams of copywriters. Our focus is on giving a platform to fans and members of geek communities, as well as creators who enjoy the opportunity to connect with their readers and fans. Although our Managing Editor and Copyeditor do proofread posts for spelling, clarity and triggering terminology, the voice and opinion of each contributor remains intact and adds to the wonderful tapestry of geek and fandom culture that we’re all part of.

What’s in a name?
Geekquality – all one word – is meant to conjure the hope of equality within geekdom, where all would have their voices heard with respect. Everyone should feel welcome, accepted, represented, and given the chance to be heard. There is also an allusion to our desire for quality of content in geek media, representing diversity, thoughtfulness, and progress in entertainment. The geek part should be fairly obvious ;).

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