Geeking Out

  • Is it still a genderswap when it’s a giant robot?
  • Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) gives a great but spoiler-filled interview.
  • The Atlantic discusses the subversive side of one of the seminal television shows of our youth: All That.
  • EW interviews Orphan Black‘s Jordan Gavaris about Season 2 (Which starts tomorrow!)
  • While we’re still catching our collective breath from the recent episodes of The Mindy Project, read this Chris Messina interview.
  • Meet G. Willow Wilson, the Muslim author revolutionizing superhero comics with Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel.
  • Jill Pantozi’s excellent post about misogyny in the comic book community is required, if triggering, reading.
  • Woody Allen doesn’t want Black actors in his new play, apparently.
  • Is there a bias against Black scientists? Decoded Science looks at recent research findings.
  • An intimidating list of cursed objects that just might kill you dead.
  • Bookmark right now: Graveyard Shift Sisters, a blog that’s focused on “purging the Black female horror fan from the margins.”
  • A beautiful photo essay about a 13 year old Kazakh eagle huntress.
  • This llama, though.
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