Geeking Out

  • Ashley Judd laid down the law at The Daily Beast, responding to recent “puffy face” comments by writing an eloquent, sensitive post on the issues of our body shaming culture and women’s need to be stronger allies. We just love her all the more for it! (By the way, so far Missing has been a pretty good show!)
  • The weeekend has come and gone, and now a lot of you might find yourself stuck with all those peeps. Whatever shall you do? We (and a certain Annie Edison) would recommend you build a diorama.
  • Stop everything! Amy Pond Karen Gillan has joined Twitter. Even more exciting? Arthur Darvill and friends poking fun at her as a noob and sending her (old) Internet meme links. Stars, they ARE just like us!
  • While we think the charge against Lynda Carter is unfair, we can’t help but snicker at the rest of the list of action stars who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Lois particularly got a kick (ha!) out of seeing David Carradine on the list, although she’d put him as public enemy #1.
  • Donald Glover may not have gotten the role of Spiderman, but his Easter egg, somewhere in Peter’s room in the film, seems like a pretty cool consolation prize.
  • The full trailer has just been released for Looper, a sci-fi, time travel flick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a hired gun whose next mark turns out to be himself, from the future (played by Bruce Willis). Not too shabby!
  • What’s more fun than horror movies? Meta horror movies! We love io9’s listof frightful flicks that are full of self-referential genre humor, nudges, and winks.

    I've been in dozens of domestic & foreign movies AND acted on Broadway, and all you remember is me in my mom's wig

  • We also dig this list of stars who just couldn’t, or can’t seem to, escape their biggest roles, like Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Psycho and Linda Blair in The Exorcist.
  • New details on J.K. Rowling’s next book, The Casual Vacancy are out. Only time will tell if Potterheads’ notorious love of Jo will compel them to read a story about something other than The Boy Who Lived.
  • The latest Brave sneak peek is a featurette narrated by Merida. Each little glimpse at the movie just gets us more and more excited!
  • AMC is developing Robert Kirkman’s latest series, Thief of Thieves. While we’ve certainly been frustrated by elements of AMC’s treatment of Kirkman’s last brainchild, The Walking Dead, comics and graphic novels have undeniable potential as television serieses, and it’s exciting to see AMC embrace that.
  • This gallery of geek art has some really fun designs paying tribute to video games, Hayao Miyazaki movies, and other classics. We love this set honoring Ten and Eleven of Doctor Who:

  • We got our first good look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman recently, and the internet is abuzz with opinions (as usual, don’t read the comments).
  • A baby boy named Rocky M Olsen III may be one of the luckiest kids out there. His nursery, decked out in swanky Star Wars fashion, is something that plenty of boys AND girls (of all ages) would fight a wampa for.

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