Geeking Out

  • First a lady Thor and now a Black Captain America! Interested in who has carried the shield before Sam Wilson? io9 has you covered.
  • The upcoming Power Rangers movie will be written and produced by X-Men writers Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz, and screenwriter Roberto Orci.
  • Unfortunately, Season 5 of Game of Thrones does not seem to have any female writers or directors.
  • The problem with “not all men.”
  • Navajo teen Raquel Redshirt is supporting her community through solar science.
  • JC Penney displays mannequins inspired by real people.
  • The United States Census released a cool interactive map showing how many (or how few) STEM majors then go on to work in their field.
  • Comic Book Cartography is a treasure trove of maps and diagrams from comics
  • We’re intrigued by Virginiaan upcoming (2015) computer game, “influenced by the weird, surreal mysteries of the 1990s.”
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