Geeking Out

  • You know you miss the good old days of indignant 8-bit chirps about not cleaning up massive piles of poop. The Tamagotchi returns!
  • We’re a little weary of change to our childhood classics, but after a while the new Harry Potter covers started to grow on us. Kudos for keeping the title font treatment and the soft focus!
  • Wizard of Oz meets Game of Thrones? Sign us up!
  • The ladies behind the Genderbent Justice League are kickstarting a web series about a cosplayer who believes she is a superhero. The show is being developed by Dexter Adriano, who has been editing TV for the past decade, and Michael Premsrirat, who wrote the script.
  • Food for thought: this open letter raises concerns about the ongoing struggle for intersectionality within the feminist sphere.
  • Peter Dinklage is joining the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • The Jane Dough has put together this great list of 50 African American women, kicking ass and taking names in business, politics, and philanthropy.
  • The chart of the popularity of the name Bruce looks awfully familiar. io9 breaks down why.
  • These heads made from the waxy wrapper of Babybel cheese are both really, really disturbing and kind of cute. (via NotCot)
  • Some of your favorite movie posters and album covers done with Star Wars figurines.
  • Speaking of which… Han Solo: Time Traveler.
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