Geeking Out

  • ROBOT SUIT FROM JAPAN! Cyberdyne invented and manufactured the Hybrid Assistive Limb, and it has been issued a Global Safety Certificate, which means that this robotic limb can give a lift to the elderly and disabled around the world!
  • For those searching for productivity and creativity help, Coffitivity created a soundtrack that simulates a coffee shop, sans the annoying outlet hugs and loud talkers! (If you want just plain white noise to drown out everything, we also like Simply Noise.)
  • Joss Whedon released the trailer for his upcoming film adaption of Much Ado About Nothing!
  • The 25th Lambda Literary Awards finalists have been announced, Malinda Lo has been nominated for her latest book, Adaptation! While the awards won’t be finally announced until June 3rd, you can still check out and promote the books on the submissions list! (The Lambda Literary Foundation nurtures, celebrates, and preserves LGBT literature, honoring excellence, promoting visibility and encouraging the development of emerging writers.)
  • An interesting perspective: Oz, the Great and Powerful: a step backwards for women?
  • New series involving exorcisms in the works from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman!
  • Puppet Community! Whoa.
  • A sneak peak into the next four episodes of Doctor Who.
  • While there are plenty real life female scientists to admire, we still love this list of inspiring fictional female scientists.
  • Don’t have the interest or training to go on a mission to outer space? Well, you can still picnic like an astronaut with this kit!
  • The first video is up in Anita Sarkeesian’s much discussed series on tropes in video games!
  • We love Underground NY Library blog, capturing photos of subway riders reading books. Related to that, students at Miami Ad School have come up with an interesting proposal to harness smart phone technology and get people into New York’s libraries.
  • Tumblr you should follow: For Girls In Science!
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