Geeking Out

  • According to Reddit, this is the Best 2013 Summer Playlist.
  • Neil Blomkamp talks about creating the dystopian world for Elysium.
  • Check out Jeffrey Veregge, who combines well-known comic and pop culture characters with Native American art.
  • A Tardis bunk bed!
  • Not as voyeuristic as looking in someone else’s closet or purse, but see what the workspaces of the country’s tech leaders look like.
  • Speaking of closets: true, not terribly geeky, but in the spirit of spring cleaning, a pretty infographic for cleaning out the closets this weekend.
  • What your GAP fragrance said about you. (Terrible that they missed “So Pink” and “Gap Blue.”)
  • White privilege in college admissions is rearing its ugly head.
  • Vancouver wants you to learn about science, and is doing it fabulously.
  • An interesting forum on how to make women in STEM into rockstars.
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