Geeking Out

  • If you’ve been agonizing over John Cho’s curelly short stint in the Sleepy Hollow pilot, here be spoilers: one in textone in video.
  • On a related note, we enjoyed this open letter to the budding Sleepy Hollow fandom.
  • How rap battles help students understand science better.
  • This is some tongue-in-cheek brilliance: 8 Reasons POC Must Rally for White History Month. (Vanilla Ice. Never forget.)
  • The gang is back on The Mindy Project! During the break, Morgan Tookers wrote an essay about his summer vacation. (By the way, Ike Barinholtz, in true Morgan Tookers style, loves taking selfies with his baby.)
  • NPR makes some interesting points about intersectionality and who “counts” as a woman of color.
  • A reminder of what science really is, and how we really should express the fact that we “f*cking love” it.
  • Autostraddle kick off a new series, “Queered Science,” combining social justice and science reporting, and letting you know about scientists worth admiring.
  • Let’s get nostalgic! io9 asks, what was YOUR favorite 90s sci-fi/fantasy show for kids?
  • This book about LEGO art might make a perfect coffee table addition.
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