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Almost Human: Almost Great

What we look for in popular culture doesn’t happen in a vacuum; from the media we’ve consumed in the past, to the people we have encountered, it influences what we think about TV shows and how we connect to certain … Continue reading

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Interview with Malinda Lo

Regular visitors to our site will probably know that a few of us here are unabashed fans of good YA fiction, and we’ve been particularly fond of the books by Bay Area-based author Malinda Lo. In Ash, Lo brought us … Continue reading

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Review: Adaptation by Malinda Lo

Malinda Lo’s recent young adult novel, Adaptation, is a perfect blend of the sci-fi and romance genres, with a believable and diverse cast of characters. It’s also a departure from the author’s previous fairy tale novels, Ash and Huntress, making … Continue reading

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9 Reasons Why Benjamin Sisko Should be Your Favorite Star Trek Captain

Did you know that it has been almost 20 years since Deep Space Nine first aired on television? Re-watching the series lately, I’ve been blown away by how consistently cool Captain Benjamin Sisko is.* He doesn’t always get as much … Continue reading

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