Geeking Out

  • Paul Feig’s lady-centric Ghostbusters reboot is on and will be written by The Heat collaborator Katie Dippold.
  • For the Star Wars fan that has everything: fuzzy Ewok heels. At last!
  • With the exciting return of Twin Peaks in 2016, do you know what sweater you’re going to wear?
  • Presented without comment: A full minute of Linda Belcher saying “All Riiiiight!
  • The AV Club has a six-page preview of the upcoming Batgirl relaunch, as Barbara Gordon moves to Gotham’s version of Brooklyn.
  • The web run of Noelle Stevenson amazingly fun comic Nimona may be over, but it’s getting some book love as a May 2015 release from Harper-Collins.
  • After twenty-five years, a cartoon-accurate action figure of the first female Transformer, Arcee, will hit the shelves any day now.
  • Script writers need some help with their Spanglish.
  • 12 Essential Essays for Writers to get motivated and inspired.
  • We love Margarita Kareva’s stylish fashion photos inspired by Russian fairy tales.
  • Steven Yeun is a man who knows the importance of seizing opportunities everywhere. Here he shows us what’s inside his zombie contingency bag.
  • Somewhere on the internet, there’s a 2012 commercial starring Penelope Cruz as Mario. Because why not?
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