Geeking Out

  • Congratulations to Ezra Miller, who will play the Flash in the latest Justice League movie!
  • John Cho chats about racism in Hollywood, the possibility of being a romantic lead, and a take on a Batman remake which we would totally get behind.
  • According to FiveThirtyEight, the ratio of female to male superheros in mainstream comics is improving, with more LGBT characters on the way. However, women make up only 30.9% of the DC universe and 30.6% in Marvel. Comics Alliance has all the data, though please note that the findings are about characters, not reader demographics.
  • Marvel’s newest superhero is an Asian-American woman! Cindy Moon, or Silk, was bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit a certain Peter Parker, and has been locked away in a facility for six years training ever since.
  • Feeling crafty for Halloween? This DIY floral skull piece is perfect for the holiday, or all year long.
  • A list of signs to confirm that you’ve accidentally found yourself in an Alexander Dumas novel.
  • The Mary Sue has a fun interview with several members of the cast and crew of Sleepy Hollow. They talk Bechdel test, the importance of their fans, and geeking out over Orphan Black.
  • Some quick reads from our sister site, Persephone Magazine: five Marvel characters who should get their own movies and a round up of some teen werewolf girl stories.
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