Geeking Out

  • Watch the trailer for Appropriate Behavior, a rom-com about an Iranian-American bisexual woman, and be charmed!
  • A sobering read about The Interview, with a perspective from a North Korean defector.
  • The beautiful and detailed backdrops of the Star Wars movies.
  • Idris Elba is developing a trilogy about demon-fighting Edgar Allan Poe, based on 1978 novel Poe Must Die.
  • We’re super excited for DC’s Vixen to arrive on the CW this fall! Vixen is African-born Mari Jiwe McCabe, who has a mystical Tantu totem that gives her the abilities of animals.
  • Feeling sad, or forgot how to paint a happy little tree? You can stream all episodes of The Joy of Painting.
  • Laura Palmer returns 25 years later, as promised.
  • The Superbowl: Chris Pratt vs Chris Evans. Who wins? Children.
  • Would you pay $80 to have Cumberbatch all over your legs?
  • Mount Holyoke College decries The Vagina Monologues as “inherently reductionist and exclusive;” Eve Ensler responds.
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