Geeking Out

  • Woman You Should Know About: Kyla McMullen, the first African-American woman to get a Ph.D. in computer science from University of Michigan.
  • The editorial staff all took this Clueless quiz; can you score perfectly? (As if!)
  • Richard Blanco, gay Latino poet, will be reading at Obama’s inauguration.
  • One school’s success on closing the achievement gap.
  • Real and imaginary space travel intersect in the best set of tweets ever.
  • We had a good chuckle and a few gasps when reading some of these conspiracies concerning classic literary characters. The Winnie the Pooh made us sad, though.
  • Also funny and disturbing: if Dr. Seuss books were titled by their subtext.
  • Last week, we noted a tablet that folded like paper. This week, check out this new tablet with a smart rising keyboard. It’s a little creepy, but LOOK AT IT.
  • Why does Martha Jones always get the shaft? Freema Agyeman confirms that she won’t be making an appearance in the 50th anniversary episode of Dr. Who.
  • Samuel L. Jackson croons Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”
  • A spoiler-filled scientific analysis of Serenity.
  • How much did you pay attention to science news in 2012? Our science expert was ashamed at how poorly she did.
  • You know what twitter really needs? More iambic pentameter.
  • Marvel may green light a Heroes For Hire movie.
  • We will never tire of Jim Hines‘ sci-fi and fantasy novel cover recreations.
  • Nothing weird is going to happen.” Canadian seeks women with Star Trek TNG costumes.
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