Geeking Out

  • Shots fired, DC! Lieutenant Abbie Mills has put you on notice. Watch this  interview of Nicole Beharie and try not to giggle.
  • Follow Orlando Jones on Twitter for his hilarious commentary, and because he shows us things like fan mixes for Sleepy Hollow and cute Ichabod fan art.
  • Why Bill Nye needs to stay on Dancing with the Stars, as told in gifs.
  • Did you know there’s an actual scientist on set of The Big Bang Theory?
  • What if our favorite toon kids grew up to be awesome social justice fighters?
  • Inheritance, by Malinda Lo, was released this week! Here’s what Lo listened to while she was writing.
  • 10 YA Chica Lit books for you to read during Hispanic Heritage Month!
  • So many spaceships! And to scale! Mindblowing!
  • Seven year olds don’t hold back the truth – here’s one girl’s opinion on Emmy fashions.
  • Members of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at California State University, Long Beach, enter the Red Bull Flugtag competition.
  • That sound? The staff laughing/crying over some of these truly sad desk lunches. 
  • Transh4ck: a first-of-its-kind weekend gathering to create websites and apps for those who don’t fit into traditional gender norms.
  • As Breaking Bad draws to its close, Bytesize Science explores how to keep the scientific content accurate:

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