A Very Disney Valentine

Continuing on with our theme (man, we love theme posts so much), let’s explore what your favorite Disney prince or princess says about you…


It's an easy mistake; a lot of beds look like coffins

Prince Ferdinand

  • You’re a romantic.
  • You love grand gestures.
  • You’ve always wanted to be serenaded.
  • You’re sure he’s not really a necrophiliac.



Whistle while you work

Snow White

  • You’re peppy and have a can-do attitude.
  • You’re a traditionalist.
  • You wish you had those little animal helpers.
  • You really bought into that “fairest of them all” thing.




So regal!

Prince Charming

  • You want to be taken care of in a relationship. You’ve earned it, haven’t you?
  • You like a partner of status.
  • You’re a sucker for the classics.
  • You like a man who can work a shoulder pad.



She works hard for the money, eh-eh, eh-eh


  • You like a girl who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.
  • “The ends justify the means” probably rings true for you.
  • You can make a date with a curfew work.
  • You might have a foot fetish.



I mean what else could Aurora have been dreaming about?

Prince Philip

  • You like a man who will fight for you.
  • You believe in soulmates.
  • You’ve been known to be a little reckless in the name of romance.
  • You probably have a lot of sex dreams.




I could really go for a nap.

Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty

  • You just can’t resist that hair.
  • You have a strong opinion on the “pink or blue” debate.
  • Punctuality isn’t terribly important to you.
  • Which is good, because sleeping for 100 years can really do a number on your body clock.



*insert obligatory inappropriate bestiality joke here*

Prince Adam

  • You like a challenge.
  • Rough around the edges is just your style.
  • I mean, the library was just his cold open. Who knows what other tricks he’s got up his sleeve.
  • You’re pretty open-minded, aren’t you?



"In the great wide somewhere" has to be a euphemism, right?


  • You have a GoodReads account.
  • A good conversation is like foreplay for you.
  • You’ve fantasized about doing it in that library.
  • You can identify with anthropomorphizing your furniture.



Or maybe it's just them baby blues.

Prince Eric

  • You like ’em cute, brains be damned!
  • You’ve always wanted to have sex on a boat.
  • You’re into architecture. DAT CASTLE, AMIRITE?
  • You have a thing for sailors.




No no, we want to be a part of your world!


  • Hey, I heard you like the wild ones…
  • You’re definitely curious about the whole mermaid anatomy thing.
  • You have a weakness for redheads.
  • You know the original ending wasn’t happy, but you’re not complaining.


Something about that crooked smile.


  • What can you say? You like the bad boys.
  • You love a man who works with animals.
  • Your date nights are certainly never boring.
  • Well, until recently he was the only Disney prince of color…




One of two Princesses with bellybuttons.

Princess Jasmine

  • Just thinking about that long, dark hair makes you all weak at the knees.
  • You dig a woman who doesn’t take shit from anybody, especially society.
  • You can’t help but be intrigued by a woman who has a tiger for a pet.
  • You miiiight be one of those creeps who refers to people as “exotic”


Dat jaw!!

Prince Naveen

  • You can’t resist a flirt.
  • You love a partner you can party with.
  • You’re a sucker for an accent.
  • You love that he helps you let loose every now and then.




Not the frog version. Unless you're into that.


  • Hello, beignets? The way to your heart is definitely through your stomach.
  • She got her own thing, that’s why you love her!
  • Family is important to you.
  • Because when you heard there was going to be a Black Disney princess, you stood up and screamed, “YES! FINALLY!”

"Hi" indeed.

Prince Eugene aka Flynn Rider

  • You like ’em mouthy.
  • A good sense of humor turns you on.
  • You can appreciate a fine leather boot.
  • You probably like Aladdin, too. It’s the thief thing, isn’t it?





You'll find a sexual use for those frying pans if it kills you.


  • To describe you as bubbly would be an understatement.
  • You thought you were the only one who was still into ventriloquism.
  • People may confuse you for a hipster, but you’re just legitimately enthusiastic about odd things.
  • You miss fingerpainting.


brb saving china


  • You like a date who could also be your sparring partner.
  • You’re not only okay with crossdressing, you’re a little curious.
  • You respect people who think on their feet.


Let's not get bogged down in historical accuracy, baby.


  • You know she could have done better than John Smith.
  • You’re outdoorsy, possibly an adrenaline junkie.
  • You’re secretly Nakoma? (Hey, we ship it.)




File under: princesses who could easily kick your ass and be home in time to rule the nation.


  • You have excellent taste.
  • You might be obsessed with Cree Summer.
  • We should hang out.





Visit this DeviantArt gallery to see your favorite Disney princes and other leading men like never before! Warning: May cause confusing feelings in your swimsuit area and/or ruin your innocent childhood.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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2 Responses to A Very Disney Valentine

  1. ceejeemcbeegee says:

    Where’s Shang?!?!

    • Elyse says:

      I know, I know! Here’s what happened: as soon as I added Shang, I wanted to add eeeeverybody and length became an issue. I limited myself to what I thought was the canon lineup, but as it turns out Shang/Mulan and John Smith/Pocahontas are official Princes and Princesses (Kida’s still unofficial, unfortunately), so I guess I owe y’all some princely facts!

      If your favorite Prince is Shang,
      *You’re as swift as a coursing river.
      *You possess all the force of a great typhoon.
      *You have all the strength of a raging fire.
      *You’re mysterious as the dark side of the moon.
      *You probably also make dirty “bowstaff” jokes.

      If your favorite Prince is John Smith,
      *You had a crush on Mel Gibson. You know, back in ’95 when it was still okay.
      *You have a lot of patience for some White Nonsense.
      *You believe anyone can learn from their mistakes.
      *You don’t have a lot of dealbreakers.

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