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Krista is a proud cat enthusiast who spends a majority of their free time crafting and watching horror films, with occasional breaks for DC cartoons. They earned their MA in Popular Culture at BGSU and a BA in history from UW-Green Bay. They are currently in school again for a secondary education license. Their primary focuses are queer identity and mental illness representation in television and film.

What “Vincent and the Doctor” Means to Me

(This post comes with a trigger warning for mentions of depression, suicide and mental illnesses.) “It’s so clear you cannot help. And when you leave, and everyone always leaves, I will be left once more with an empty heart and … Continue reading

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The Boy Ain’t Right: Subversive Gender Roles in King of the Hill

I have a Netflix weakness. I have this strange ability to consume entire seasons and even full series within a few days (insomnia has its perks). My most recent obsession, King of the Hill, has resulted in my adoration for … Continue reading

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