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Recap: The Everdeen in the room

Over the past few days, we’ve watched the activity around Elyse’s “Hollywood Whitewashing” post explode on Tumblr. We got a real kick when our post made its appearance on Oh No They Didn’t. (Does this mean we’ve officially arrived?) The … Continue reading

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United Colors Of Albion: Race In Fantasy Media

This is going to be a post about Race in Fantasy media. I just wanted to get that out there, right off the bat, so we’re clear. If you would like to get yourself a glass of wine, maybe a … Continue reading

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Race in Games and the Next Assassin

Please welcome our guest contributor Rick Gee! Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Puerto Rican and I play video games – lots of video games. Which is funny, since, to look at the gaming industry, as well as the content of the … Continue reading

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The Case of Lucy Liu and the Unasked Question

This impassioned open letter to the Sherlock Holmes fandom and the broader community is written by our guest contributor, Athena. I’m angry. I had a bad day this week and it’s smoldering in the back of my brain. When CBS … Continue reading

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