Geeking Out

The first installment of a weekly feature, where we will regularly share with you books, films, games and TV shows we’re consuming, as well as things we’re looking forward to and things that we’re not sure about, coming down the pipeline.

Geekquality is currently reading:

A page from Scarlet Traces: The Great Game

  • Good Omens, co-written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. A MUST for any fan of either author.
  • The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander, a book that presents some challenging ideas on breaking down the barriers we put in our own way.
  • Scarlet Traces: The Great Game, a comic book by Ian Edginton with art by D’Israeli. It’s a “dieselpunk” sequel to War of the Worlds with stunning art and a fantastic heroine.
  • Rebecca Ore‘s Outlaw School. It’s set in a dystopian America, not too far into the future. The main character, in order to get off drugs prescribed to make her “fit in”, has to either get pregnant, or join a cult that will replace one of her eyes with a cybernetic one, linked up into a government system.
  • Huntress, Malinda Lo‘s prequel to her novel Ash, both books a refreshing addition to YA shelves everywhere, subverting typical “coming of age” fairy tale tropes.
  • The Ender’s Game saga. Lois is currently about 65% into Xenocide.
  • Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, a homage both to classic cyberpunk novels and 80’s nostalgia. Bonus: the audio-book is narrated by Wil Wheaton!

We’re excited about:

  • It was recently announced that a Monty Python reunion film, Absolutely Anything, is in development! Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and John Cleese are on board, and the movie is going to be a sci-fi comedy.
  • Shameless and House of Lies on Showtime are both awesome shows with great casts that are examining some fairly complex topics in their own way. Definitely worth checking out!
  • Taylor Swift not playing Eponine in the upcoming Les Mis movie. Thank you baby Jesus!

Radcliffe ain't 'fraid of no ghost

  • Woman in Black this weekend. A period piece AND a horror flick: best of both worlds.
  • Key and Peele, a new sketch show on Comedy Central starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. The premiere made it look promising!
  • Comic Book Men on AMC. Interested to see how they handle the topic of adult geekery, and even more interested in the general direction AMC seems to be taking recently, gearing their programming to the nerdier spectrum.
  • Bump Betty and Veronica. Archie’s endgame love is bodacious bassist Valerie Smith (of Josie And The Pussycats fame), in Archie #633 the comic will reveal a future where the two tie the knot (and have a cute baby girl who can totally shred). Check out Comics Alliance to find out who else got hitched (hint: it’s not Jughead).


  • The nerdy nail polish colours from NerdLacquer. A lot of the colors are currently on back order but will soon be restocked. We’re really excited about the Mad Man With a Box collection.
  •’s latest truth bomb re: women in comics
  • Just released, the 50th Anniversary edition of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle! Next week, look for Alice Marie’s special piece on how the seminal book opened her mind to the world of science fiction and girl heroes.

We’re not so sure about:

We could get behind *this* Watchmen prequel

  • Rob on CBS. We haven’t watched the show yet, but the reviews aren’t very encouraging. We’ll have to wait a bit before the final verdict, but tired Chicano jokes are certainly not the way into our hearts.
  • DC’s upcoming Watchmen prequel comics. This could be a cool move, but it could also be utterly disastrous. DC might do well to observe the rule of thumb with regard to revisiting old media: If it ain’t broke, don’t try to break it. (Ahem, Napoleon Dynamite series…)
  • The new Mass Effect novel, Mass Effect: Deception, is written by William C. Dietz instead of Drew Karpyshyn, who wrote the previous three novels and is also one of the lead writers for the game. The novel is full of glaring continuity and lore errors which have been painstakingly documented by fans in a huge Google doc.
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