Geeking Out

This is our 100th Geeking Out post! Woo hoo!

  • Patrick Wang is set to direct The Grief of Others, a family drama starring Rachel Dratch, Wendy Moniz, and Trevor St. John.
  • We liked this piece on why Guardians of the Galaxy is a film to follow. Although jury is still out on whether Bert Macklin (FBI) was the right choice to play Starlord.
  • Is sex appeal in science fiction alienating some fans?
  • Viola Davis and Shondra Rhimes are teaming up for a “sexy legal thriller” called How to Get Away with Murder!
  • The short film Black Girl in Paris, based on Shay Youngblood’s novel about down-on-her-luck writer experiencing her sexual awakening on a trip to Paris, is coming to HBO!
  • Marvel’s new Netflix series has gotten the OK to film in NYC! We hope creators remember that NYC is a super diverse place. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.
  • Brilliant comedic duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have joined FX’s Fargo!
  • An interesting perspective: playing Grand Theft Auto Online… as a war photographer.
  • Tribal Force, the first comic with a team of superheroes who are all First Nations, is returning! Congrats to Jon Proudstar for bringing back his series!
  • This list of problems women face that men wouldn’t understand thinking is equal parts tongue-in-cheek and grimly realistic.
  • 12 year old Shubham Banerjee of California invented a braille printer – using a Lego set.
  • Trekki Feminist Jarrah Hodge has compiled a Bechdel Test report of all of DS9.
  • Dante Basco – Rufio from Hook – has a web series where he is… Rufio. A puppet, that is!
  • Ghostbusters, reenacted with kittens. The kittens aren’t doing a very good job bustin’ ghosts, but they sure are cute!
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