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  • Does it feel like all sci-fi movies are sequels or remakes? io9 wrote up an exhaustive list of original genre movies coming out this year.
  • Hetienne Park’s public response about Beverly Katz’s latest development on Hannibal was very diplomatic and gracious.
  • A very spoiler heavy breakdown of how many people on Hannibal have been attacked/killed/threatened on screen, sorted by gender and race.
  • In honor of the 75th anniversary of DC Comics’ Batman, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment plan on celebrating for a whole year.
  • Malinda Lo breaks down the 2013 figures from Publisher’s Weekly‘s children’s bestsellers list to look at representation – race, LGBTQ presence, disability – among those stats.
  • Researchers uncover that Android apps Songs and Prized in fact are mining cryptocurrencies without explicitly informing the user. Time to uninstall, if you have them!
  • Cracked have a list of five realities about being transgender, realities consistently ignored by the media.
  • Let There Be Doodles has done a few great racebent characters from Disney.
  • Speaking of Disney: how about a Walking Dead crossover? Check out Kasami-Sensei’s cool collection of original drawings.
  • Typecast“, a fantastic reworking of Lorde’s “Royals.”
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