Geeking Out

  • Community is returning for a sixth season on Yahoo AND it will be getting a movie! #sixseasonsandamovie lives on.
  • The American Gods series that never quite found a home has been picked up again by Starz, Bryan Fuller and Michael Green as showrunners.
  • The number of female game developers has more than doubled since 2009, though they still make up less than half of all developers.
  • Work-life integration is no longer just a “woman’s” issue in STEM.
  • Moving away from coded ads, mainstream advertisers are finally openly courting gay consumers.
  • Lauren Arrington, lionfish researcher, publishes her first academic paper at age 13.
  • Grace Banu is the first transgender woman in Tamil Nadu to be accepted to an engineering college.
  • Carol Rosetti drew a series of empowering and touching drawings reminding everyone who is in charge of a woman’s body.
  • Relive your junior high days with a Trapper Keeper iPad case!
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