Geeking Out

  • This week was a sad one as we said goodbye to two beloved actors: Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. Tributes to Robin Williams in particular have been popping up all over the internet in the days since his passing.
  • Check out this DIY “Dancing Groot” toy (spoilers for the closing credits of GotG). But where is the Gamora merchandise?
  • Aquaman (played by perfectly cast Jason Momoa) will get his own movie!
  • Disney intends to bring more Star Wars attractions to their theme parks.
  • We can’t stop laughing: a guide to races and characters on Star Trek.
  • The latest Gotham teaser introduces us to Detective James Gordon.
  • Check out this badass lady scientist in the new “Planetary Exploration” Lego set!
  • Celebrate shark week by reading this interview with Dr. Toby S. Daly-Engel, head of an all-female team of shark researchers.
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