Geeking Out

  • The trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron is here!
  • Based on this first look, Johnny Depp’s Wolf costume for Into the Woods seems… a bit cheesy. Meryl Streep slays as usual, though.
  • Morena Baccarin joins the cast of Gotham as Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a physician and friend of Thomas and Martha Wayne.
  • Author Rebecca Haines breaks down her issues with the recent viral video from t-shirt company FCKH8.
  • A list of books with gay protagonists that aren’t about their coming out story.
  • Recent celebrities speaking out about GamerGate: actress and media creator Felicia Day; writer and retired football player Chris Kluwe. (Guess which one of them was promptly doxxed.)
  • The Touchable Memories project uses 3D printing technology to help people who are blind to revisit pleasant memories.
  • An online game based on Doctor Who aims to teach young kids about computer science through interactive puzzle solving. (h/t Slashdot)
  • Cartoonist and author Lynda Barry talks about the project she led where adults and children imagined schools of the future.
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