Geeking Out

*reaches for wallet*

  • This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sketch is up for auction. Anybody got $7000 lying around?
  • Madison Moore, a Ph.D. candidate at Yale, is investigating glamor and the intersectional nature of fierceness. We would love to read his finished dissertation!
  • Stephen King’s Eyes of the Dragon is in development with Syfy.
  • Pixar has plans for a Dia de los Muertos animated film. Please, please do it justice, Pixar. We have faith in you.
  • Feminist Cthulhu has us giggling uncontrollably.
  • We think Hilary Clinton is a political badass, but we also just love this list of “45 Totally Superficial Reasons Why She Should Run for President in 2016“.
  • Speaking of Presidents, we had a heartfelt moment of Squee! over the POTUS’ slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon. That, and we appreciate his proposed policy that the GOP wants to strike down. (What else is new?)
  • Some of us here love Community (understatement), and some of us adore police procedurals (another understatement), and last night’s special Law & Order-styled episode is a giddy dream come true. If you missed it last night/can’t watch it on Hulu yet, this preview clip should tide you over for now.
  • Walter Mosley’s new book comes out May 8, containing two speculative tales. The Gift of Fire takes Prometheus into modern South Central LA; On the Head of a Pin is a story of technology leading to life-altering changes in reality and perception. Read excerpts from both tales.
  • Check out these teaser images from DC’s “second wave” of New 52. Tanya’s particularly excited about China Mieville’s take on Dial H.
  • A good list of some talented women of color doing great work behind the cameras and scenes of television.
  • Molly Ringwald’s masterfully handled AMA on Reddit is a thing of beauty.  She’s actually a Reddit lurker! She loves Neil deGrasse Tyson! She makes jokes about being a vampire!
  • This monster list of summer releases has us giddy with excitement for the movie season. We spot some highly anticipated films (Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus), as well as some films for which we appreciate the reminder (Neighborhood Watch).
  • What would The Avengers look like if the film was made in the ’70s?
  • On a related tip, this gallery of some of movies redesigned as posters from another decade is a design & movie geek’s delight. (We especially love the ones for The Fifth Element and Trainspotting, as well as Leonard Nemoy if he had been in Die Hard).
  • Would so totally go and get haircuts at this fun Danish hair salon. If you beat the high score on old Tetris or Rad Racer while you get your hair cut, you get a discount.
  • And last but not least, feast your eyes (and ears) on this magic:

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