Geeking Out

After today, we’ll be taking a break from Geeking Out for the next couple of weeks, so here’s a whole lot of links to tide you over.

  • Coming soon: The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness, a documentary about Studio Ghibli.
  • We’re keeping an eye out for Fresh Off The Boat, a sitcom written by Nahnatchka Khan (Don’t Trust the B* in Apt 23) and starring Randall Park.
  • Anita Sarkeesian and Carolyn Petit present five feminist moments in video games.
  • Archie Comics is relaunching its flagship series with writer Mark Wald and artist Fiona Staples.
  • Star Trek and Parks & Reca match made in the stars.
  • Sure, superhero = spandex, but overall, we’re still digging the design for Spiderwoman’s new costume.
  • Tis the season! Make your own superhero snowflakes!
  • Judy Blume’s In the Unlikely Event, a new book aimed at adult readers.
  • What was the best moment in feminism of 2014? weighs in.
  • Who shone brightest among women in science this past year?
  • On that note, check out Rachel Ignotofsky’s awesome posters celebrating women in science!
  • Women You Should Know looks at the legacy of that famous LEGO ad from 1981.
  • 3D printing gave this cute pooch the opportunity to run wild and free.
  • And let’s finish off the list with something magical that will make your heart ache: John Cho singing “Wild World”. Soundcloud for just the audio version, or YouTube to watch his beautiful face.
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