Geeking Out

  • A discussion of intersectionality, Appropriation vs Appreciation, hip hop, and how it all relates to Fresh Off the Boat.
  • Laverne Cox to star in CBS legal drama Doubt as an Ivy league educated attorney.
  • We’re sad to see Jon Stewart go: who will cover the 2016 election? And who will take over his spot on The Daily Show? (Pst, Jessica Williams!)
  • Naturally everyone’s abuzz about the Spidey remake and how it’s going back to high school. Adam Murray’s tweets say it all for us.
  • 17 year old scientist Anya Poghari creates prototype for cheaper, smaller dialysis machine.
  • Not acceptable: half of WOC in STEM frequently being mistaken for janitorial staff.
  • Love these gorgeous covers proposed by artist Jian Guo for the Chinese translation of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • Our friends Black Girls Talking made this list of 13 must-listen podcasts bringing Black voices to the mic.
  • Jenn Northington compares ODY-C and Bitch Planet, two very different comics that both bring new takes on feminism and gender.
  • Must read: Dianca London Potts writes about her experience working in historical reenactment in Salem.
  • Aging robotic pets Aibos, created by Sony in 1999, are in urgent need of some robo-veterinary care!
  • It’s perfect time to revisit Rachelle Abellar’s adorable Doctor Who Valentines – free for all!
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