Geeking Out

It’s been an exciting week for us, what with several excellent posts up on our site and a lovely shout-out from friends at Coilhouse. This list of Geeking Out items is short and sweet, and now we’re ready for the weekend. (Second “weekend” this week for some of us, which has caused much confusion as to what day it actually is.)

  • There’s plenty of informative coverage of the Higgs boson, so how about some jokes?
  • Jamie Chung (from Suckerpunch) will be featured as Mulan in the new season of ABC’s Once Upon A Time.
  • Want to be like Tony Stark? Now you can (sorta) with this awesome LED t-shirt!
  • Seth McFarlane! Carl Sagan! Neil deGrasse Tyson! COSMOS!!!
  • Jena Malone joins the cast of Catching Fire as Joanna Mason. We had already dream-cast Ruth Negga for the part, but we’ll wait and see.
  • This poster for Oz, The Great and Powerful, is stunning. The Wizard of Oz prequel by Disney opens March 2013.
  • Props to this list of “sci-Fi sex symbols” for the ironic inclusion of Sean Connery’s Zed (that was ironic, right?), but where is Gina Torres as Zoey Washburn?
  • Tina Fey pops in for a cameo on the new Childish Gambino mixtape.
  • Like most kids, at some point we’ve all wondered if our toys were secretly up and about when our backs were turned. Great idea of magic and wonder, until you realize the darker implications after reading this list.
  • Speaking of great lists, you might have already seen this is essential list of 50 comics to resonate with LGBT readers.
  • A 32 year old man has a conversation with his 12 year old self. Yep, pretty great, and he dispenses some sage advice at the end:

What’s on your radar this week? Tell us in the comments!

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