Geeking Out

Yes we’re going to say it again: GEEK GIRL CON IN ONE WEEK! We will be there! Doing a panel! Going to other panels! Hitting the town for karaoke! Details here.

A few other items of note this week:

  • We love the giddy sense of glee shared by sibling directors Lana and Andy Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer, as they promote Cloud Atlas, based on the critically acclaimed book by David Mitchell. (Although we don’t care for the callous puns or inconsistent pronouns that pepper many articles talking about Lana Wachowski’s transition and her newest project). Tanya is a big fan of David Mitchell’s fiction, so there’ll probably be posts from her down the line.
  • In disappointing (for some) Hobbit news, Peter Jackson had the audacity to announce through a Facebook note that the Hobbit will be a … trilogy. Really now?
  • Star Trek + science = videos of two Mars Rovers narrated by William Shatner and Wil Wheaton! Whose narration style do you prefer?
  • If Calvin and Hobbes was your jam, rejoice! Drawn and published in an era before Tumblr and macros, these comics have been redone into animated GIFs! Right click and SAVE!
  • One of our favorite ladycrushes, Rashida Jones, had a little Q&A in the NY Times about her new movie (that she co-wrote!), Celeste and Jesse Forever. Read the full article for some wonderful insights on how being a woman inherently plays into your creativity, and how breakups are different in this day and age.
  • This isn’t just any ordinary Harry Potter fanfic: it involves SCIENCE! Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality goes back and takes a look at the plot holes Rowling left behind, placing slightly more emphasis on Ravenclaw than Gryffindor. This fanfic has 85 chapters so far and its own podcast.
  • This prototype set of beautiful birds built from LEGO should become a reality.
  • If this clip, about an instance when 3D printing helped a little girl enjoy her life more and be more self sufficient, doesn’t pull at your heart strings, then you need to have your heart strings adjusted, maybe.
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