Geeking Out

  • WTF, Evolution? is our favorite Tumblr blog (this week), hilariously spotlighting some of nature’s most terrifying or bizarre creatures. (Have you seen the blobfish?)
  • Cheese Cupid is the cheese and beverage pairing app you need, although our default mode is always just “eat all the cheese within vicinity.”
  • Most of the time, searching for GIFs online just leads to Tumblr tags, which are impossible to wade through. Enter GIPHY: a search engine dedicated solely to GIFs!
  • If you’ve got to do an emergency clean up of your home, or just need help getting started on your spring cleaning resolution, this guide can help!
  • A short animated film about the childhood of Ronald E. McNair, one of the astronauts on the Challenger.
  • Because we can’t get enough of her, a list of things Malinda Lo learned from the X-files.
  • Matt Smith will be starring in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster.
  • Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams working on a Half-Life or Portal movie? Don’t toy with our hearts!
  • George R.R. Martin lands a deal with HBO, leading ASOIAF fans to cry, “finish the books first!”
  • With an awesome twist on the aerial view in photography, this Swedish artist turns the streets of Hong Kong into a 2D platformer.
  • Autostraddle profiles the members of the The Suga Mamas, Beyoncé’s incredibly talented and gorgeous backing band.
  • Gail Simone’s newest project, The Movement, brings the Occupy movement to the DC Universe. Coming in May!
  • Monopoly has welcomed its newest token: the cat! Sadly, that means that the gold old iron has been asked to retire. NPR has the interview.
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