Geeking Out

  • The Game of Thrones cast says readers of the books will be “shocked” by the changes to this season’s events. Now we’re even more curious to see what goes down in Westeros next week!
  • Comic artists Noelle Stevenson and Danielle Corsetto in the same article? AWESOME.
  • Cosplay does NOT equal consent and these photos send the message loud and clear. (Just, whatever you do, don’t read the comments.)
  • On a somewhat related notes, check out these redesigns of superheroine costumes, which attempt to give our super ladies a little more coverage.
  • Cynics might call this a clever marketing ruse (it is suspiciously close to the release of the new movie), but it’s still awesome to see a bunch of ladies simulating Dragon Ball Z fight scenes.
  • Nathan Fillion and Stanley Tucci in the next Percy Jackson movie? Okie dokie!
  • Robert Redford joins the cast of Captain America 2, as the “head” of SHIELD? Are you prepared to fight Nick Fury for that position, Robert?
  • George Takei gives a TED talk about Star Trek, Broadway, and his memories of Japanese-American internment.
  • Travel to the fantastical real life settings that inspired some favorite children’s and YA books.
  • Lucy Liu is better than you, hyperbolically speaking (or not!) and Buzzfeed spells out why. Enjoy all the pictures of her beautiful freckled face and that amazing hair.
  • What if Cinderella Wasn’t White? Bitch Media looks at sexuality and race in YA dystopian hit Cinder by Marissa Meyer and Malinda Lo’s Ash.
  • Girls Write Now, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering talent and a new generation of women writers (ages 13 -83), is accepting mentors and mentees!
  • Time to block out those, uh, sick days: April 5th-14th, see all the marvelous films of Hayao Miyazaki at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).
  • While it’s true that brains and beauty can coexist, objectifying scientists is just not cool, Business Insider. Jezebel’s takedown is worth a read.
  • Strange science stock photos. Helpful tip: wear gloves, but also wear clothes.
  • GQ reader Rustyn Sa is working on some gorgeous, transluscent Fudge dice to add a little pizzazz to your gaming. Check out the Kickstarter!
  • The most amazing math equation you’ll see (hit the button at the bottom to see the result).
  • Under the Sea with Mister B! if Dr. Seuss had written Bioshock (via SuperPunch)
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