Geeking Out

  • Disney attempted to trademark “Día de los Muertos” for an upcoming Pixar movie. The Internet took care of that real quick.
  • Setting aside our feelings about Orson Scott Card, here’s the trailer for Ender’s Game.
  • This made our week: The IT Crowd is coming back to film a finale episode.
  • Aisha Tyler sounds off on sexism and harassment in gaming, and what could be done to help confront it.
  • What if your favorite Game of Thrones characters were university students? Check out these advising notes on Sansa, Margaery, and Tyrion.
  • NYCers! Look out for a Bluth Frozen Banana Stand, coming real soon to you.
  • Beautiful infographic of the week: 19 emotions that English has no words for.
  • 50 Tattoos inspired by literature. And only one “so it goes” tattoo!
  • Just two words: Bog people. :(
  • A pilot project in Maryland uses the cloud to encourage STEM study in lower-income schools.
  • What does the shakeup in US STEM education mean?
  • Jennie Lamure: the 17-year old girl who kicked ass at a hack event and can save you from inadvertently reading spoilers on Twitter.
  • 2013 is a big year for geek anniversaries, with 50 years since the first woman in space and the start of Doctor Who, among others.
  • And, as we like to save the best for last, Ryan Gosling refusing to eat cereal is (yes, we’ll say it) the best thing ever.
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