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  • Big news: Cheryl Boone Isaacs has been elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, making her the first woman to hold the position in 30 years, and the first African American woman ever! Let this sink in for you.
  • Bless the rains down in Tatooine: Kathleen Kennedy promises the new Star Wars film will focus more on story, less on CGI.
  • Solange has been tapped to play Aaliyah in a biopic about the much beloved R&B singer’s life. We’re excited about this, but also a bit annoyed that people keep referring to Solange as “Beyonce’s little sister”.
  • While we’re talking about awesome lady musician biopics, don’t miss the trailer for the VH1’s biopic about TLC, CrazySexyCool.
  • More exciting casting news for Game of Thrones, specifically Mace Tyrell, Loras and Margaery’s father.
  • Terrible news: Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones will be leaving Parks & Rec. While watching Leslie and Ben be cute is fun, we all know the show is really about the friendship between Leslie and Ann. Sigh.
  • John Barrowman wants a Captain Jack/River Song spinoff, and it sounds pretty great!
  • The CW is looking into a Flash series. What say you, speed demons?
  • Check out the extended trailer for SyFy’s newest series, Heroes of Cosplay, which focuses on the dedication that cosplayers bring to their craft
  • Wonder of wonders! Bioshock Infinite fans clamoring to play as Elizabeth seem to have gotten their wish in the form of a new DLC, making her the first playable female character for the Bioshock franchise.
  • Remember “My Immortal,” perhaps the most infamously bad fan fiction of all time? Well, now it’s a web series.
  • Today in Bands You Should Never Listen To or Support: the most offensive thing about band Day Above Ground isn’t their cheesy band photo, but their song “Asian Girlz.” The painful music video includes a dragon lady stripping while the band looks on inside a cage, and such lyrical gems as “I know you’re here illegally so marry me/Come sit on my lap or we’ll send you back”. They also had the gall to release a statement saying they’re not racist and are simply trying to “push boundaries”.
  • Back to School commercials really are sometimes too adorable. This Target ad features 1. a little POC girl who is 2. wearing the most feminine get up while doing 3. a chin up set to a recorder cover of the Rocky theme song. It is definitely making us melt. We’re also fans of  Walmart’s School Layaway “Yo Mama” spot.
  • One of our heroes, Aisha Tyler, ended Season 2 of her podcast series Girl on Guy with possibly the best guest you could EVER wish for – Levar Burton. Listen to this A+ podcast as Levar chats about his life and upbringing (did you know he’s an Army Brat who was in seminary?), and his work as a MOC actor. Also, catch the elegant shade he throws at J.J. Abrams.
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