Geeking Out

  • Probably THE most exciting bit of news for us this week is the fact that our panel proposal for Geek Girl Con in Seattle this coming August has been ACCEPTED!!! We will definitely share all the details with you as it all comes together. For now, we’re just dancing around, giggling, and high-fiving the world. We’re a bit overwhelmed, and this has been a busy week for us all at Geekquality, so please forgive that this week’s list is a bit short.
  • April 1st means Wrestlemania, the premiere of Season 2 of Game of Thrones (check back on Monday for our recap!), and the Shameless finale on Showtime.
  • Also doubly excited about The Legend of Korra getting started in April, after watching the preview of the first two episodes on the KorraNation website last weekend. It’s everything we’ve wanted and more!
  • Wary about the announcement that Anchorman is getting a sequel. It seems like we just got done running into drunk dudes at parties who think “go back to your home on Whore Island!” is the funniest thing ever.
  • Can’t wait to find out more about the comic book O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce being prepped for television. Co-creator Rosario Dawson will most likely take on the role of NYPD Detective Sophia Ortiz.
  • With Moxie’s post on race in fantasy media and Elyse’s Hollywood whitewashing commentary causing a stir, we are still pressing on. We want to see more media we can relate to, experiences of POC. The NY Times op-ed There Need to  Be More Nonwhite Characters is an empowering reminder.
  • It’s full of stars! This cool interactive tool lets you scroll about the Milky Way’s galactic plane and check out the most beautiful of all views. Zoom in to your heart’s content and wish for the umpteenth time that you had a TARDIS.
  • It’s not really a big secret that superheroes are conflicted people, but Cracked’s list of the seven biggest dick moves in the superhero history was a little gross and cringe inducing. (You should hate-read it).
  • There has been a lot of hate going around the Internet and it can be really discouraging. Bruce Lee’s “Be Like Water” is a pep talk to revive the fighting spirit.
  • You know what we love more than geeky physicists? Geeky BABY physicists! We’re keeling over from the cuteness. Neil DeGrasse Tyson has won our hearts completely, with a notable mention to baby Carl Sagan.
  • Female creators – be they filmmakers, writers, artists, or authors – get a lot of weird reactions from critics, as evidenced by this perplexing list of critical essay titles about some more famous women authors. “Does Anyone Read Willa Cather Anymore?” Yow, harsh.


What’s on your radar this week? Tell us in the comments!
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