Geeking Out

  • We really enjoyed The Toast’s Femslash Friday feature analyzing cheerleader classic, Bring It On.
  • Here’s a handy graph of which studios own which Marvel heroes, all in one place.
  • Not that we ever doubted it, but trolling is correlated with higher rates of sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. So don’t feel bad about using the ban hammer.
  • Gingerhaze brought us a poignant comic about comic book shops that many related to and embraced, and struck a nerve with others.
  • No, YOU’RE crying over a Pokemon comic.
  • The American Chemical Society teamed up with NOBCChE to create this video: Five black chemists who changed the world.
  • They Might Be Giants were geeky before it was cool to be geeky, though Flansburgh still doesn’t call himself that.
  • Getty Images launches a new stock photo collection to better represent the diversity among women, using both existing images and new ones shot with a feminist eye.
  • Rodarte’s runway style is geektastic and we want all of these frocks.
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