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We are so close to airing our first podcast (and bonus content!) we can almost taste it. For the time being, we thought we’d share with you a little bit about ourselves. There is our About page, listing our fandoms and offering a bio snapshot, but if you’d like to know a little more about your Geekquality editors, we’ve got that covered:

  • Alice Marie, on growing up a feisty feminist and the support from her mother
  • Elyse, on carving out a geek path in southern California
  • Jen R. L. Disarray, on her experience reading The Mysts of Avalon as a kid
  • Lois Payne, on the hero’s journey to geekdom and things you should not say if you don’t want her to kick you
  • Moxie Munroe, sharing a recipe of what makes a geek and the challenges of being a geek woman of color
  • Tanya, on her pop culture education as a teen immigrant arriving in the U.S.

So get to know us, and while you’re at it, tell us a bit about yourself in the comments. What makes you a geek? What are your fandoms? What gets your hackles up – misrepresentation, cliches, you name it – we want to know!

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2 Responses to Get to know us

  1. koreofasphodel says:

    My fandoms are plentiful! Some of my top ones are X-men, Dragon Age, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, and more anime and games than I can list.

    Misrepresentations? Hmm. Where to begin? I want to see strong females–not just emotionally but also physically. It grinds my gears when every female is thin, white, big-breasted, and traditionally beautiful. I want to see all sizes and shapes, all ethnicities and sexualities, and a variety of ages and cultures. I want to see heroines I can relate to, and not feel depressed about the fact that I’ll never look like any of them.

    I hate the virgin/whore complex. I hate the idea that it’s a “men versus women” war out there, and that’s it’s impossible to be a feminist without being a man-hater (so not true!). I hate that it’s assumed you have to be girly or butch and there is no inbetween.

    I can’t wait to read/hear what the BAMF ladies of geekquality post here! I think this site and the podcast are an excellent idea!

    • Tanya says:

      @koreofasphodel: I personally cannot waaaait to dive into Game of Thrones. Although, depending on whether people are only following along with the series so far, or have read further into the books, it may get spoilery. I have much love for Arya Stark, as well as a few other characters. And want to slap Joffrey around some.

      Thanks so much for coming over here to say hello :D

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