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MK is a black nerd currently living in the NYC area who writes and directs movies, is extremely enthusiastic about food, and moonlights as an amateur pop culture historian. She can be found reblogging and musing on a variety of subjects on her Tumblr.

Helix: Let’s hear it for the ladies (and science)

When I was a young MK, I wanted to be an architect. I’m not one, nor will I likely ever be one, but I remember why I changed my mind: too much math. Now, I am actually good at math … Continue reading

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Almost Human: Almost Great

What we look for in popular culture doesn’t happen in a vacuum; from the media we’ve consumed in the past, to the people we have encountered, it influences what we think about TV shows and how we connect to certain … Continue reading

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Abbie Mills: A Fully Drawn Character

I know that it may be hard to believe for some of you but FOX is doing something right with this whole supernatural TV show thing by bringing us Sleepy Hollow. (I know it’s only been a few episodes.) I’ve … Continue reading

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