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Splinter is NOT amused

  • Michael Bay continues to be downright rude. (Newsflash Mike, if you change the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backstory to make them aliens, they’re no longer the goddamn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.)
  • Even with our frustration about The Hunger Games and the underlying casting issues, we’re still swept up in the craze.  For example, we’ve been urging Lois (our resident New Yorker) to check out the “Train like a Tribute” program offered by the New York Sports Club. The (literally) competitive program is closely tailored to the different physical assets you’d need in order to survive. Lois politely declined as she doesn’t quite feel like dying on a sweaty gym floor. While you’re contemplating your chances of surviving the gym, why not also check out what The Hunger Games movie posters might have looked like with a different director at the helm.
  • Feeling wary about the new companion for the Doctor, to be played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Obviously only time will tell how we feel about her, but a lot of us were rooting for a woman of color to be cast in the role.
  • These campaign posters for fictional villains are a bit of fun to help take our minds (for a moment) off the real villains and megalomaniacs looming on our political landscape.
  • The ending of Mass Effect 3 has caused quite a stir among the fanbase, which has prompted BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka to release a statement. It makes for an interesting discussion of authorship and ownership in the realm of video games and other consumable media.
  • With the return of Mad Men this weekend, everyone’s hearts are aflutter to see our favorite advertising misfits and their wardrobes. To extend the depths of our adoration, we’re checking out books from this great list of books that were featured in or based on the show, as well as provide inspiration for the series.
  • It’s highly irritating when you’re trying to quietly read your enthralling romance novel on public transit and someone keeps trying to make eye contact or talk to you. Now you can silently project your misanthropic thoughts through your book jackets! While we appreciate the classic “Go away, I’m reading” line, covers like “BRB going to Hogwarts” and “Fiction > Reality” are also fun. Print one (or several) out for yourself!
  • Definitely interested after seeing the trailer for the movie For Greater Glory, based on the Cristeros War in 1920s Mexico.
  • We have a lot to say about the end of Season 2 of the Walking Dead. Sometimes, though, words are not enough and a meme can really express fandom’s distaste for practically everyone on the show. While some of the JPGs reek a little too much of fan misogyny, overall they pretty much hit the nail on head about everything that’s wrong with the show.

    Brigitte Helm on the set of Metropolis

  • Taking it back – all the way to the 1920s – in sci-fi film history, these amazing behind the scenes photos from the set of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis are, well, amazing!
  • Some of us are on the fence about The New Girl, others aren’t so into Parks and Rec, but all of us love this this clever montagecomparing Schmidt vs Tom Haverford and their really bad (good?) pickup methods.
  • Sometimes a good cuss word gets the point across just right. This list of sci-fi curse words is a great reference if you need a few fresh ways to express your frustrations.
  • On a related vocabulary tip, check out this list of 75 terms every sci-fi geek should know. There may or may not be a quiz.

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