Goodbye, Sweetie: In Memory of Kevin “Wash” Pratt-King

It may sound odd to say this, but I actually feel sorry for people who didn’t have the profound experience of being touched by the story of Kevin “Wash” & Tashi Pratt-King. Many of us at Geekquality have gotten very close to this couple and we’ve seen the most remarkable outpouring of love and support not just over these past few days, but over the last year of Wash’s life.

Three years ago, Kevin (known to his friends and loved ones as Wash) was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Glioblastoma multiforme, and his new wife Tashi suddenly found herself his primary caretaker. They were young and newly married, filled with love, and the hardship they’ve endured has been excruciating. Last night, Wash was able to peacefully pass on, to become one with the stars, and journey forward into the next great adventure.

The Pratt-Kings have been shown incredible kindness and generosity by ThinkGeek, who gave the couple a final Christmas together, and Regretsy, who worked tirelessly to find a TARDIS urn for Wash to spend his adventures after life in. Additionally, the large group of friends that have been Tashi’s emotional rock for the last year and a half (an incredibly supportive circle that several of us here are fortunate to be a part of) were able to put together a fundraiser for the couple. This fund is to pay for his funeral costs, lingering medical bills, and help Tashi get back on her feet. If you can spare anything, please donate to this truly worthy cause.

Tashi, we admire your spirit and strength, and we are awed by the love you to shared, however briefly.

Wash, you will never be forgotten. You will go on to live amongst the stars. You are a leaf on the wind, and we will watch how you soar.

‎”This song is ending. But the story never ends. We will sing to you, Doctor. The universe will sing you to your sleep.”

— Ood Sigma, Doctor Who.

With love,
Your friends at Geekquality

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2 Responses to Goodbye, Sweetie: In Memory of Kevin “Wash” Pratt-King

  1. Michael O'Dell says:

    Wash was one of my wife’s best friends growing up. She was always saying that Wash would call her “kiddo” even though she was a few years older. Shortly after my wife and I got married and traveled across country to visit some family and friends as a honey moon. Kevin and Tashi invited us to stop at their house for a night while on our trip. Kevin and I hit it off quickly making “geeky” jokes and stories. Just before departing from Arizona, my wife and I got into an arguement and Kevin sat us down and really helped talk through the issues we were having. I kept up talking with Kevin as much as I could but sadly we never made it back out to see Kevin and Tashi again. Kevin even with his illness was willing to talk and enjoy a quick laugh. Kevin is going to be missed but I’m glad where ever he is that he is no longer in pain.

    • Tanya says:

      Hi Michael, thank you so much for sharing. He was a very sweet, creative, smart man that clearly was loved by many friends. I’m glad you had a chance to have a really deep connection with him! I’m sorry for your and your wife’s loss.

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