Geeking Out

  • Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes, which just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, can be yours (already!) for $5.
  • Dudes in Distress: guys on our screens who needed ladies to save them.
  • io9 have compiled a list of summer sci-fi and fantasy television.
  • Felicia Day and Steven Yeun will be voicing characters in the animated adaptation of cannibal-centered comic Chew.
  • Matt Fraction is writing a comic about sex and discusses his belief that many comics don’t deal with sex – they deal with titillation. (Possibly NSFW)
  • Janelle Asselin wrote a scathing review of where DC’s cover for Teen Titans #1 went wrong. Not surprisingly, certain comic book fans didn’t take it very well.
  • Best comment: “The size of his bulge needs to be way bigger to match Power Girls boobs. It should look like he’s smuggling Snuffaluffagus into JSA headquarters.” (Maybe not 100% SFW)
  • Malinda Lo’s answer to the question “Should white people write about people of color?”
  • As fans of Kazuo Isiguro, we’re excited to hear about the author’s newest release in 10 years.
  • Elise Cowen, beat poet, is another example of women being footnotes in the history of men.
  • Nicki Minaj no longer thinks of herself as a “female rapper,” just a “rapper.”
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