Geeking Out

Monster art by Chris McMahon

  • These two artists create something remarkable when they add monsters to thrift store paintings.
  • Tomorrow is Record Store Day! Go visit your neighborhood music store and see if you can snag one of these special releases.
  • We’re not the only ones excited about The Legend of Korra. Faith Erin Hicks gets it and has shared her feelings in this awesome comic strip for
  • Jon Stewart’s take-down of the GOP dismissal of the War on Women on The Daily Show this week was a thing of beauty.
  • The Weyland Industries website is a really impressive and elegant way to build anticipation for Prometheus! You’ve probably seen the David 8 video making the rounds, and if you haven’t, here’s your reminder!
  • The Situation is getting his own superhero comic? A-whaaaa?
  • A real sonic screwdriver? Allons-y!
  • Joss Whedon hasn’t ruled out the idea of a Giles Buffy spinoff!
  • Like your vacations with a dose of horror, and we don’t just mean food poisoning or bad lounge acts? Act fast and you can take a Saw themed cruise with some of the cast and crew! If your fear of open water might be keeping you from that, then you can always get trapped in an abandoned shopping mall for a 2.5 hour interactive zombie adventure.
  • An ancient statue depicts a female gladiator. This rare find would only be the second such discovery in history!
  • Collectors Weekly has a great interview with Kirk Demarais on collecting items advertised on the backs of comic books (think X-Ray Spex, Sea-Monkeys, and various gag gifts).
  • We all have our own measures of success, but there’s no arguing that the sci-fi and fantasy creators on this list have really raised the bar by becoming genres onto themselves.
  • We’ve been keeping an eye out on all new developments of the Ender’s Game movie (even if Orson Scott Card himself is problematic, with his homophobic views, the first two books are still great). The stills and set photos showing up are intriguing.
  • What’s even better than more new episodes of Arrested Development? ALL 10 NEW EPISODES RELEASED AT ONCE ON NETFLIX.
  • This children’s book, Darth Vader and Son, may be the sweetest picture book for geek parents out there yet. Maybe there’ll be a follow-up, Darth Vader and Daughter?
  • It’s not just cute, it’s meta cute! 33 animals with stuffed versions of themselves. Awww! Have a good weekend, everyone!

Corgi overload!

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