Geeking Out

  • VAMPS. Amy Heckerling, Alicia Silverstone, Krysten Ritter, that floppy haired dude from Downton Abbey. VAMPIRES.
  • Remember the terrible video “Science: It’s a Girl Thing?” Now’s your chance to make it right, and you can win prizes!
  • Marc Morera has made such a cool Star Wars infographic that his site is down. Luckily io9 still has it up.
  • Who doesn’t want to turn their Crown Victoria into the Galactica? Now anyone can!
  • A Doctor Who drinking game? We are going to be SO FIT.
  • Google launches panoramic underwater views of six Pacific Ocean coral reefs. Maybe the question of whether or not mermaids really exist will get solved next!
  • Playing violent video games has the potential to increase your pain tolerance.
  • Sure, grammar dictates that one should free themselves of over reliance on any one punctuation mark, but this round up of writers admitting their favorite (and most likely overly used) punctuation marks was bomb.
  • Mysteries of Vernacular is a fun little video series exploring the history of different words. So far, our favorite is the history of “pants,” and not just because the word is fun to say over and over.
  • Are book blogs killing lit crit, or are they broadening the spectrum of opinion? It’s up for debate.
  • Gone with the Wind – you either love it or you hate it. We love that these two authors (who are as drastically different from one other) go head to head on how this racist classic shaped them as teens. (Spoiler: no surprise that Jodi Picoult loved it and held it up as the epitome of romance.)
  • We don’t even know how to caption this spread of chickens modeling lux jewelry for Marie Claire 2.

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