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We’re going to get very serious for a moment, because we’re mad (no, LIVID) about the passing of an Arizona bill that would allow doctors to withhold prenatal information from their patients if they believe that information may lead to the mother choosing an abortion. This is all under the guise of cutting down on “wrongful birth” and “wrongful life” malpractice suits, but really it’s just another example of politicians chipping away at women’s reproductive rights. The more people know about this, the better.

Now then, onto this week’s list of geeky items of interest:

  • There have been more releases for the new Avatar: The Last Airbender series, Legend of Korra, including this awesome clip via The Mary Sue. Over on Tumblr, korranation has concept art, clips, and other teasers posted pretty regularly.
  • Wonder what Elyse has been up to? Playing Mass Effect 3, duh! In fact, that’s what she plans on doing all weekend. It’s research!
  • This cool behind-the-scenes look at the puppets used in Jurassic Park does nothing but make us love the movie even more. Time for a rewatch!
  • Ben Browder, Farscape‘s own John Crichton, will guest star in an episode of the upcoming season of Doctor Who. The story will be set in America’s Wild West and the episode is written by Being Human creator Toby Whithouse. (We’re willfully ignoring the part of the news article that speculates on the Ponds’ departure).

Poison Ivy in New Delhi

  • We’re loving this gallery of photos from Comic Con India, which took place last month. It’s a great reminder of how connected fans are across the globe, being inspired by the same stories and heroes.

  • One can’t help but cheer during this epic take down of sexual harassment in gaming, including that abhorrent use of the word “raped” to describe losing a game. And for once, the comments on the post aren’t all completely disheartening. There is still hope for humanity!
  • Take a peek at this delightful selection of re-imagined posters for Studio Ghibli films.
  • Continuing the Game of Thrones frenzy, we love the Simpson’s nod to the series in its famous opening sequence and the continuing Arrested Development and GoT mashup that’s been taking place.
  • For those who couldn’t make it to the Parks & Rec panel at PaleyFest and missed the livestream, don’t fret: there’s a written recap for your reading pleasure!
  • This ad campaign for the Montreal Science Center’s Star Wars Identities exhibit is nothing short of brilliant. (via Tor)
  • It’s usually a safe bet that an original is better than a remake, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t curious about new horror flick Silent House (originally from Uruguay as La Casa Muda). Just the trailer alone has us shaking. Fun fact: the original film was shot in one continuous take – now that’s scary.

    In Bruce we trust

  • We’re torn about the Evil Dead remake. The casting is looking good, and both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are producing, but messing with a cult classic could be almost as dangerous as reading from the Necronomicon. We’re hoping it’ll be awesome but reserving our opinion until release.
  • Wait, what? A movie based on the true story of an incredibly valuable Superman comic book from Nicolas Cage? Awesome! It combines all the things that are good: heist movies, comic books, and the unstoppable Nic Cage, source of many memes. Unfortunately, so far it’s looking unlikely that Cage will play himself in the film, but we’re not losing hope.


What’s on your radar this week?


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