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My Film Awards Have A First Name…

The Academy Awards are upon us and with the nominations in and speculations a-brewing, it’s a great time to step back and check out the scope of what we’re dealing with this award season. As any jaded film fan knows, … Continue reading

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Solo Quiero Caminar: The all-female answer to Ocean’s 11

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a mindless popcorn heist movie. The best heist movies are stylish, like Ocean’s 11, and successfully pull one over on the audience with a last minute twist. Despite the wildly inaccurate Netflix description, … Continue reading

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LGB Characters in Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV

Science fiction and fantasy shows don’t number as many as sitcoms, comedies, crime dramas, or reality shows, and they usually don’t last as long. So I’m pleasantly surprised when I see that these shows have more queer characters than the … Continue reading

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Hollywood Whitewashing (Yes, It Really Hurts)

I hope it’s no surprise that whitewashing has been an accepted convention in Hollywood since the beginning. The history of blackface and yellowface has been well-documented, but with recent reminders like The Last Airbender, Drive, and the highly-anticipated Hunger Games, it seems necessary … Continue reading

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Now Was That So Hard? The Highlights of Haywire

I had the pleasure of seeing “Haywire” this weekend, Steven Soderbergh’s latest spy-fi action film. It was an interesting blend of 60s spy films and 70s action movies with beautiful, slow shots and a very mod-influenced soundtrack. The film’s protagonist … Continue reading

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