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Karly is a geek who works at a bookstore in the Midwest, where she obsesses over sci-fi/fantasy books and TV with her coworkers, and spends the other time thinking about LGBT rights and representation in media. You can follow her on Twitter, where she live-tweets all the TV she’s watching and some other important things.

Southern Reach Trilogy

Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy is an engaging read that can be absorbed in just a few sittings. Focusing on the investigation of a mysterious zone called Area X, the trilogy taps into the fear of not knowing what is real, with a diverse cast of characters and a story arc that is suspenseful and at times horrifying, yet frequently humorous. Continue reading

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Rediscovering TV Fandom in the Social Media Age

I wrote fan fiction before I even knew it had a name, and before I had the Internet. In notebooks or on a hand-me-down laptop with Word Perfect and Paint, I wrote terrible self-insertion Charmed fic. Later, when I did … Continue reading

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Crackpots and These Women: Why Women in TV Rule

When asked why she returned to television, so many years after Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar said that “all the amazing roles for women are on TV” and I’d have to agree. Bridesmaids made headlines because it had more women as main characters … Continue reading

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On TV Marathons, Spoilers and Emotional Processing

Is there anything as frustrating as watching a show you love live? At this very moment I could tell you how many days until the next Warehouse 13 (several months, by the way). But then there’s the magic of services … Continue reading

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LGB Characters in Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV

Science fiction and fantasy shows don’t number as many as sitcoms, comedies, crime dramas, or reality shows, and they usually don’t last as long. So I’m pleasantly surprised when I see that these shows have more queer characters than the … Continue reading

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